We are a grassroots community organizing group of Black mothers who have come together to do our part towards the fight against injustice and systemic racism. We are working to create radical change throughout the nation that will effect change to our respective areas, as well as find ways of bringing healing and support to our people, because it is hard to fight and survive, if we are suffering and broken. 

ALL BLACK VOTES MATTER is a civic education and engagement initiative. This is a Get Out The Vote (GOTV) program directed toward the African-American community as a whole, intentionally inclusive of the African-American LGBTQ Community. We encourage all members of our community to register to vote, then vote in local, state and national elections, and help their family and friends do the same.

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What Improvements Are You Seeking for the Black Community?

In an effort to work together to achieve like-minded goals, our hope is to use this information to present to other organizations throughout the United States- because every voice in our community is important and needs to be heard. 

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