Ep. 07 Karen Williams, Paving the Way For Laughter and Healing


AhSa-Ti Nu meets with comedian and humor educator, Karen Williams. Williams has the unique distinction of being the nation’s first openly lesbian black comic to include specifically lesbian material in her act. Curve Magazine calls Karen Williams “…a laugh riot!” The Sydney Morning Herald proclaims that Karen Williams is “ferociously funny, with perfect pace, timing and structure.” She is known for her quick repartee, insightful commentary, audience rapport, and sheer like-ability. She is a comic craftmaster, a gifted actor, a multitalented writer, and an inspirational lecturer, whose HaHA Institute attracts clients from the public and private sectors. Armed with her “healing with humor” philosophy, Karen is a modern-day alchemist and motivational humorist, whose audiences revel in her cathartic laughter and whose peers consider her a comic’s comic!

Williams graduated summa cum laude from Cleveland State University with a personally-designed major in “Humor and Healing.” She earned a Master of Education degree from CSU’s Adult Learning & Development program. She is the founder of HaHA Institute, which was established to encourage the fullest and highest activation of human potential for compassion, wisdom, and life force through the daily use of humor and healing arts, which includes stress management, nutrition, exercise, massage and healing touch, aromatherapy, and spiritual practices.

Be sure to connect with her:

Website – www.hahainstitute.com

Social Media:

Facebook – @karen.williams.7547

Twitter – @KarenTheComic

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIkAePmR8CU&feature=youtu.be

Published by OverlookedGiants

Overlooked Giants takes a deeper look into the lives of Queer Women of color who have, and are, making careers for themselves throughout various industries. Each of these women share their experience of being a woman of color in a world that has often relegated them to the margins. AhSa-Ti Nu conducted in-depth interviews, recording their narratives about what it is like for them to carry the weight of being queer women of color as they work to change the narrative.

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