Ep. 11 Beatrice Thomas, Black Benatar Magic


AhSa-Ti Nu meets with queer multidisciplinary artist/performer, film and theater director, Beatrice Thomas aka Black Benatar. Beatrice comes from a family lineage of pastors, performers, doctors and healers. A maker of objects, installations and theater, Mx. Thomas reveals, revises and constructs alternate realities. They use the artifice of drag to inhabit Black Benatar, an exaggerated black femme alter ego creature that challenges blackness, whiteness, oppression & convention. Thomas is a featured drag queen for RADAR Productions “Drag Queen Story Hour” a program that brings drag queens to read stories at public libraries. Beatrice’s work has graced the stages of the deYoung Museum, SF PRIDE Mainstage, CounterPulse, SOMArts Cultural Center and the Institute of Advanced Uncertainty and has shown in galleries across the United States. Thomas works nationally consulting and advocating for equity and the inclusion of queer arts on national mainstream stages.  

This sister stays working and so I was glad for the chance to meet with her. This was an amazing conversation to have and I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to hear more about her personal story. 

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Published by OverlookedGiants

Overlooked Giants takes a deeper look into the lives of Queer Women of color who have, and are, making careers for themselves throughout various industries. Each of these women share their experience of being a woman of color in a world that has often relegated them to the margins. AhSa-Ti Nu conducted in-depth interviews, recording their narratives about what it is like for them to carry the weight of being queer women of color as they work to change the narrative.

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